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Marketing is all about the Experience


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Grand Rapids Web Design

Rank your website higher on Google

Implement the most effective and up to date keyword strategy through analytics & research, copywriting, on page optimization, and more organic practices

Grand Rapids Web Design

Grow ad conversions with effective ad management

Our analytics software will test the correct variations to deliver the best results from paid advertising

Grand Rapids Web Design

Develop and optimize effective email blasts

We’ll gather all the essential information from prospects and clients to build your CRM systems and boost your conversion rates.

Grand Rapids Web Design

Build your bulletproof website

Using AI technologies and our experienced engineers we’ll design, develop, and optimize your website

Grand Rapids Web Design

Engage with your audience through social media management

Consistent upkeep of your accounts with engaging and professional content

Grand Rapids Web Design

Grow ad conversions with effective ad management

Have a custom website designed and professionally developed for your business

Professional digital marketing services

Get Everything You Need With Us

Younify Group has become the leader in creative and effective digital marketing solutions for businesses and individuals in Grand Rapids.

Digital marketing is a shifty industry that will eat you alive if you don’t pay attention to the right trends. Which is why it’s extremely profitable to partner with a digital marketing agency that has experience and also cares about the solutions they provide.


What We’ve Done

Bulk CBD Distributors

Developed digital sales process

Men of Color Read

Captured photographic moments

City of Kentwood

Captured Photographic Moments

Southern Smoke

Developed full production TV Commercial

The Hero Body

Developed digital sales process

So iLLicit

Developed ecommerce store

Kofa Kulture

Developed social media presence and marketing resources

Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce

Developed KSBRP Marketing Resource

"Younify Group fully setup, developed, and launched my online store for women's apparel and shoes. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with online advertising or anything digitally."

Nisha Burnett

“We believe in your vision” – Paul bernard ii | CEO

The reason we strive, persevere, and whole heartedly engage in our endeavors (whether it be business or another industry) derives from our belief. We believe in ourselves, we believe in our vision, and we believe in the impact it will have on others.

“Let’s impact our communities together”

If you believe in your vision and the impact you must take the steps to prove your dedication to this idea. The biggest step I took in proving my trust in my vision was pushing it out for others to see. So that more people could believe in it as well. We believe in your vision and we believe in your impact. Let’s impact our communities together

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