This was my bank account balance March 11, 2020. $3.26. No job and a broken business to my name. I was angry I had been working so hard for over a year on different business ventures and still had no results.


I had started 6 different businesses in one year and saw zero success. I was confused, troubled, and on the breaking point to quitting.


What is Your Why?

One statement caught my attention (I forgot who said it, probably GOD in a dream). A strong vision creates stronger discipline, and strong discipline leads to success. I always thought the reason I wasn’t successful was because I wasn’t working hard enough. I needed to wake up two hours earlier and spend less time with people. And YES hard work is needed to reach success. But without a vision there is no purpose to your work.


Think of the most touching and resonating advertisements of all time. Apple’s initial Mac computer launch under Steve Jobs, any Coca-Cola campaign, Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. These advertisements were successful because of the purpose they portrayed. It wasn’t until the end of the commercials that you realized who the advertisement was for and what the advertisement was for.


Many businesses know what they do, some know how they do it, and few know why they do it.


The Why is your mission and your purpose. It pushes you through distractions and pulls you through struggles. Without the Why, success is useless. The motivation of getting rich is not enough. You must be motivated by freedom, service, ministry, God, family, something…


A budget causes you to spend your dollar effectively before you earn it. A why causes you to fulfill your purpose effectively before you reach success.


What is your Why?


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