Most people call this a sales funnel, but I see that name to be too limiting. Your digital roadmap is basically your process of taking a stranger through your customer experience. Turning them from stranger into prospect into customer. You may have multiple roadmaps, for different types of visitors. But it is important that you have these strategies written out in detail to be the most effective.


Create A SMART Goal

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound.


Step 1 is to develop a goal for your roadmap. What is the purpose and what am I hoping to gain from it? Be specific!


For example, if you are a ecommerce store selling hoodies. Your goal could be to collect 100 emails so you can start an email marketing campaign in regards to the story of your brand. Creating a specific goal such as this allows you to be more strategic in how you market.


Ask your audience! Place polls out on social media (utilize surverymonkey, Facebook, Instagram…) to get to know people’s likes, dislikes, and behaviors. This will save you a lot of time and money.



Mark Your Territory

Step 2. Once you have determined your goal for your roadmap. Research your options and platforms. Would this campaign fair better through Facebook ads to gain awareness? Would this campaign see more success through PPC, gaining leads? What is the most effective way to reach my goal? Check out our marketing tools here.


Each industry and each campaign is different when it comes to digital marketing. Many times, there is no right way, only a bunch of wrong ways to advertise. Which is why it is important you do your research and consult with experts to know how to maximize your dollar. It is easy to throw thousands into a campaign expecting a large budget to bring you good leads, however this is not the case. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll give you the walkthrough on how to advertise best for your niche.


Budget & Optimize

Step 3. Once you have your campaign mapped out and you’re ready to launch. Review your budget and duration for the roadmap. One tip is to optimize ads not to run during low traffic hours on the internet (i.e. 11pm-6am). This will save you money and give you better analytics.


Once your campaign is launched know how to read and analyze your results. If an ad is eating money but not returning results, you have to know when to cut it. Also, vice versa if an ad is providing above average results you need to know how and when to scale. Putting these steps into practice will easily turn your campaigns from headaches into breakthroughs.

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