When it comes to social media and virtual real estate, everything is about impressions. The idea for businesses is to provide the solution to the audience’s problem. With such a saturated market on many platforms now it is extremely important that your online presence is professional, understandable, and accessible. Without these, you will not succeed.

Is Your Digital Presence An Asset or A Liability?

9 in 10 businesses have some form of social media presence, but barely any businesses are utilizing their platforms effectively and correctly. In order to do this there is a checklist you should go through to ensure you are staying up to date with your online presence.


Who Is Your Target Audience?

A target audience is the group of people you want to reach with your marketing message, because they may be likely to take action as a result of seeing it.


What does your target audience need that your product/service provides?

How will you show this online?


A target audience is most often broken down into three categories

  • Demographics

  • Interests

  • Behaviors


What Is The Purpose of Your Online Presence

Determine your WHY. In business, and very often in life as well, value is currency. What value are you giving your audience? Why should they choose your product/service? These answers should be answered with your digital presence. Think strategically.


It is important to have your brand established through your social media.


A brand is the collection of associations that people have about a product or business. People have personalities. Businesses have brands. Your brand helps determine how people feel about your business, and how they would describe it to others. A brand is more than just a logo. It includes:

  • Style

  • Communication

  • Behavior

Here are some leading questions to help you establish your brand:



  • When did you launch?

  • What problem did you solve?

  • How do you solve that problem now?



  • What do you do?

  • Why?


  • What is you look and feel?


  • What is your brand voice?


Social Media

It is important to do your research on your particular industry to see which platforms are being utilized the most. For example, Linkedin is great for B2B (Business to Business), Pinterest is great for content marketing.


When it comes to your online presence, sometimes more is less. If you have subpar content on multiple different platforms it is not as effective as having professional and high level content on one or two different platforms. Define your target audience then find out the top one or two platforms they use. Create a niche for your brand and stick to it.

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