I’m sure you hear all the time (as with any industry) that the market is saturated, there’s too many digital marketers, it’s too hard to reach people unless you have a $10,000 monthly ad budget… yada yada.

Although there may be some truth in those statements. It’s important to understand these facts before you quit short of your success. For any further questions feel free to contact us.


Fact #1

Social media is not getting smaller, so yes every single day there are going to be new digital marketers spending their dollar on ad campaigns. This also means there are going to be new users and customers. More people to be converted towards your campaigns.


The important part is to remember a saturated market simply means you need to market better and test more. Testing your campaigns with small budgets before you scale and getting to know your audience is extremely important if you wish to see results.


Fact #2

Organic growth has become nearly impossible. The current statistics for organic conversions on Facebook is about 200:0.5. Meaning for every 200 impressions you will convert 1/2 a person.


The first step is to make sure your online presence is professional and up to date. You can find information about creating an online presence here. Once you have created a stable brand on social media, you want to hire a digital marketer or learn the best way to reach people for your niche. Check out our services.


Fact #3

As any expense with your business (or at least as expense with your business should be) digital marketing is an investment not an expense. The whole purpose of running ads is to bring more dollars into your pocket. In the end, focusing on your digital presence will only grow your business exponentially,


It’s important to remember this will not happen overnight, but with time and practice you will be able to maximize your dollar spent on every campaign.


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