I’m Paul Bernard II

Creative Designer, Digital Marketing & Media Expert

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Grand Rapids, MI

About me

A creative born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

“don’t tell them your plans. show them your results”

I was born as Paul Bernard II in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to a family with a well known network in the country especially on the government and religious side. This was right before our family moved to Grand Rapids, MI due to my father receiving a director’s role at an international Bible translation company. 

Following my father’s passion for business I started a series of successful ecommerce stores in 2018. This grew my knowledge of the digital marketing world which led me to starting my own firm in 2019. We closed contracts and gained partnerships with the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, Batteries Plus, Worthington Industries, the LA Pan-African Film Festival, and some other big names.

After growing that company well over six figures in a year’s time at the age of 19, my partners and I started a bulk cbd distribution company and ranked the site number 1 on Google. We did $35k the first month in sales and grew it over six figures within 6 months. I was the head of all supplier and distributor relations.

I currently serve as the Director of Public Relations for the Jaycee Chamber of Commerce in Grand Rapids, MI while managing my various businesses. My years of experience may not add up to much, but my speed and effectiveness has allowed me to gain an imprint in the industries my businesses perform in.

I remain a pinnacle member of my family. After losing my older brother years ago, I am the only child that will carry on my family last name. My purpose in life is to bring peace and prosperity back to my country and set an example for other minorities and immigrants to follow.


founder & ceo

Younify Group LLC

03/2019 – present

  • Younify Group is a black owned digital marketing agency specializing in creative and effective marketing solutions and services for businesses. Services provided include: Website design & development, Search engine optimization, PPC ads, Social media marketing, Content Marketing, SMS marketing, and digital media production.
  • We are comprised of a team of seasoned professionals ranging in skills and abilities in each of the areas of internet marketing. Our goal is to develop diversity in the work culture around us as we progress to make an impact on the marketing industry. We implement up to date and effective strategies that directly align with the goals and needs of our clients.
  • Over the last three years, Younify Group has grown to work with clients and partners such as multi billion dollar firms down to local small businesses. We want to see the right businesses succeed and enable the right individuals within our company to achieve more.

director of public relations

Grand Rapids Junior Chamber of Commerce

12/2021 – present

  • The Grand Rapids Junior Chamber of Commerce is a group of professionally minded young people between the ages of 21 and 40. Through active participation, Jaycees meet new people, network for business, help the community and build their personal and professional skills.

I’ve gotten to work with some amazing brands!

Education & SKills



Digital Marketing


Digital Media


Videography; Adobe Premiere & After Effects


Photography; Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom


Website Development

Bob Jones University

Business Administration

08/2018 – 05/2019

Grand Rapids Community College


08/2019 – 10/2020

Recent Work

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